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Our Team

We have a distinguished team that continues to work and track orders even in the most extreme circumstances, as it pays attention to the smallest details

Our Marketing

One of our priorities is to pay attention to the quality of products, we started with a country and now we are exporting to more than 9 countries and we are working on more

Our Response

We always respond to the feedback we receive from you and take care of the simplest things in order to be distinguished always.

Why should we use Pure Care products?

Absorption quality

It absorbs the largest amount of liquid


No allergy, no redness on sensitive baby skin.

Means of comfort

Very soft cotton

Double hurdles

Preventing leaks.

Odor barrier

Barrier permanently seals off odor.

The most appropriate price

Quality products at a lower price.

About us:

Pure Care production started in 2019 in Turkey. During the first year of production, we successfully exported to more than 9 countries and more countries to come. Our sales team focuses on covering 20 countries during the first 3 years.

Pure Care Babies products comply with European quality standards. Diapers, shampoos and wet wipes are carefully manufactured to meet the safety and comfort of babies and mothers.

More than 20 years is the life of the company in trade and investment, which was established in Southeast Asia for Trade and Investment in Southeast Asia, the East Mediterranean and Africa. And in 2016 he moved to Istanbul, Turkey.

Business lines:

Baby care products and women care products.

Hotel and restaurant suppliers.

General Trade House.


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Carefully thought out products made especially for you and your children.

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