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Scented tissues Pure care cotton 100%

alcohol free 100%
paraben free 100%
soap free B5 and E VITAMIN 100%
Dermatologist tested
very soft

Elderly diapers Dr.Care Big and fitting sizes

Your loved ones deserve the best, and because we know this; The healthy diapers for the elderly from Pure Care provide the utmost protection and care! Pure Care helps you give your loved ones the care they deserve.

Feminine pads Ladycare Gentle on the complexion

Ultra thin towels of Japanese quality

It is specially formulated to give you the highest level of skincare.

Because it has a soft cotton feel and 3 deep walls

Protects the surface of the towel from tearing while moving

For your peace of mind and skin

Baby diapers Baby moon Manufactured to high standards

Available in several sizes.

High Quality S.A.P: High absorption to ensure maximum safety.

Rubber earbands: Comfortable play and sleep.

Indoor 100% cotton fabric: matching the softness of baby’s skin.

Internal Obstacles: No Leaks, Easy and Happy Life for Mother and Baby.

First quality outer layer: air breathing allows skin to breathe.

Medical mattresses For the elderly

For “greater comfort without worry”, Pure Care orthopedic mattresses are used to help protect surfaces, beds and chairs from getting wet, so that your loved ones are more comfortable wherever they are.

Baby shampoo Baby moon Manufactured with world-class quality

The tear-free formula and the scents of lavender and rose will keep your little one happy after every bath. Its formula is soft for your baby’s skin, yet good for cleaning baby’s hair and skin. Baby bath today is full of joy and happiness for children and mothers.

Carefully thought out products made especially for you and your children.

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